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Launching on July, 9th, 2019, 11am EST

Amazing Commissions!

  • 100% Commission on the $7.97 Front End
  • 50% Commission across the Funnel
  • Upsell 1 - 50% on $37
  • Upsell 2 - 50% on $67
  • Upsell 3 - 50% on $27/month

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Take Home Up To $78.47 With Our Killer Sales Funnel

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Affiliates are also cookied through the members' area where we offer the same incentives at strategic points to maximize sales. Above that, we also use FB retargeting and add each option to our autoresponder series. We are here to maximize your profits!

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Promotion Instructions for Massive Commissions

Let's Make It A Big One!

Get your affiliate link for 7-Day Product Formula from WarriorPlus, alternatively you can use the buttons above and below. The upsells and downsells in the funnel will be automatically approved. Your commissions will be 100% on the FE and 50% for the rest of the funnel where you can take a massive $78.47 to the bank! On the right side are some ways you can use to easily promote with the tools provided so you can crush it from all your promotions.

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  • Add one or more of the banners below to your webpages
  • Broadcast the emails below to your subscribers via autoresponder
  • Place the signature link in your email
  • Create a YouTube review with your affiliate link
  • Share your affiliate link on social networks
  • Add a bonus to your promotion to increase conversions
  • Share the rebranded report with your subscribers

Contest and Prizes


The Contest Is Based On Total Revenue

No Teams Allowed.

The official leaderboard and overall contest ranking is based on most commissions earned from the entire sales funnel during the contest period (Tuesday July 9th 9am EST – Sunday July 14th midnight). For cash prize payouts, there is no minimum sales number requirement, but you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize (whole funnel). If this criteria is not met, winners will receive a prorated amount.

All prizes are paid via PayPal. In the interests of fairness to all participants, cash prize payouts will be awarded 14 days from the end of the contest (end of refund period) and sales will be counted less any refunds.

In order to receive cash prizes, affiliates must be on our JV Notification List in order to notify them.

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Review Access: Review Access is available if you have more than 50 sales WarrriorPlus or if we know each other personally.

If either one of these criteria is met, please contact me for review access.

If you haven't gotten to that level yet and you still would like review access please reach out to me and tell me a little about you, your business and how you plan to promote the launch.

Email Swipes


Email #1 July 9th 11:00 AM EST


Email #2 July 9th 5:00 PM EST


EMail #3 July 10th 8:00 AM EST


Email #4 July 11th 9:00 AM EST


Email #5 July 12th 9:00 AM EST


Email #6 July 12th 6:00 PM EST


Email #7 July 13th 8:00 AM EST


Email #8 July 13th 2:00 PM EST


Email #9 July 13th 8:00 PM EST


Email #10 July 14th 6:00 AM EST


Email #11 July 14th 12:00 PM EST


Email #12 July 14th 6:00 PM EST


Email #13 July 14th 10:00 PM EST


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